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I am one of the many upset people that sent money to the company and am still waiting to receive my order 5 months later. When I asked CBH "If I placed an order within 7 days, when would be a realistic expectation for when I would revieve it?", I was told 6/8 weeks. It's been 5 months since I sent the money for my order.

After doing some research about the company online, I came to realize that I was not the only person that has had problems with them. There are numerous reports of people that sent in money for large purchases but were still waiting many months later. Some people had been waiting for half a year and more. A number of people have mentioned that they are suing or going to sue them. Aside from calling my own lawyer, I decided to make a website letting other people know about my experiences with the company in the hopes that I would keep someone else from wasting their money or getting screwed over.

If you would like me to post your experiences with CBH on this site, just shoot me an email at Jerry ("at" symbol)

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Clear Blue Hawaii Complaint E-mails

Hi, my name is (name removed to protect identity) and I have an ECO tour company down in Cabo san Lucas Mexico
I have been dealing with CBH since August of 2013 and have had a very bad experience with them. They are holding my order since I told them that I don;t want their distribution deal they offered me. It took them 9 months to produce 6 kayaks and put my business in a bad situation.
I am trying to get my money back or get my 10 kayaks but they do not call or respond to emails
At a loss and don't know what to do

1 - We first ordered 1 unit to test the Molokini. It took 3 months and half to get there (really poor transportation service). We then decided to sign an exclusivity contract with CBH, buying 26 Molokinis. We had to pay 50% on order, and 50% when ready to ship. They lied to us pretending that our 26 molokinis were ready to ship in February 2011. We transfered the remaining 50%. And, it appeared that they did not have the 26 units (stock mistake..) and they took 1 year to deliver the order. We kept emailing them, trying to call/skype them, and had some news once a month. They did not even apologize for that.
2 - We received the 26 units (we were quite lucky), although with paddles and seats that we did not order (lower quality). No excuses from CBH.
3 - 2 months after receiving the goods, they sold 1 unit on our territory (Mauritius). I figured it out, brought up the information to CBH: "a mistake from a trainee".. And after 2 months of traveling, emailing and advertising, I figured out that they were treating directly all orders that they got from our clients ! So we simply stopped the sales. They breached the contract biding us, and still with no excuses.
4 - I got really pissed at them, and had a client that really did want some Molokais (transparent zodiac), so I tried again, on a small order. They committed on production and delivery time, and again, they had 2 months delay, my customer no longer wanted the boats, and most of all, I had a simple email saying that due to a warehouse mistake, my goods had been sent to the UK, and I had to deal with a UK carrier, with no support at all from CBH. I had huge storage fees and shipping fees to collect my goods. I lost around 3,000.